Habitat Conservation and Stewardship Program

The Salmon Sub-Committee has partnered with Fisheries and Oceans Canada to oversee the Habitat Conservation and Stewardship Program (HCSP) in the Yukon. Through a Joint Management Team of SSC members and F&OC staff, eight Habitat Stewards have been hired to work in communities throughout the Yukon on watershed management planning and habitat protection activities. This program has been invaluable in strengthening partnerships and improving community capacity. The Yukon HCSP is one of the most successful in the Pacific Region, and is viewed as a model for other jurisdictions.

  • Provided input into Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Wild Salmon Policy
  • Provided input to DIAND on issues surrounding Devolution
  • Formation of a Klukshu Weir Working Group to address First Nations concerns regarding the location and operation of a fish weir. This WG has representation from SSC and CAFN
  • The SSC recommended to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans that a Transboundary Panel be created to provide recommendations regarding the management of Transboundary salmon-bearing systems. The SSC is also lobbying to have representation on this Panel