Domestic Salmon Fishery

The Domestic Fishery Working Group

Through surveys, reports and public meetings conducted by the Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee in 1996 and 1997, it was determined that many Yukoners supported the concept of a domestic salmon fishery. There were, however, some groups and individuals who expressed concerns and questions about this fishery, its requirements, regulations and implementation.

In response to these concerns, the Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee formed a Working Group in 1998 to examine the outstanding issue of domestic salmon fishing in the Yukon River Basin. This group has focused on a number of objectives. It has reviewed and assessed domestic fisheries in both Canada and the United States, has worked towards establishing guidelines on eligibility and operation of this fishery, and has examined how best a domestic fishery would operate within the provisions of the Umbrella Final Agreement.

The Domestic Fishery Working Group has recognized the need for further consultation with all parties involved including local First Nations, Federal and Territorial governments. Investigation into the feasibility of a Yukon River Basin domestic salmon fishery will continue in the future.