Consultation/Communications/Public Outreach

The Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee (YSSC) is committed to improving communication between itself, other agencies, First Nations and the public. The YSSC also endeavors to raise public awareness of its activities and to promote education on issues of concern. Some initiatives the YSSC has undertaken include:

  • Hosting a variety of presentations at conferences and workshops including the Species at Risk, Fishery Act Amendments, RRC Annual Meeting;
  • Creating and distributing periodic correspondence to better inform government, First Nations, stakeholders and the public, of YSSC activities and initiatives;
  • Reviewing and making improvements to the way the YSSC consults with Yukon First Nation Governments, NGOs, and the public;
  • Continuing the “Salmon Know No Borders” Marketing Campaign;
  • Promote public knowledge Yukon River salmon management by providing updates to the Whitehorse Rapids Fishladder staff through site visits;
  • Providing regular Yukon River Chinook and Chum Salmon updates, outlining run strength, timing etc., to a wide range of stakeholders;
  • Providing updates at CYFN and Champagne Ashihik First Nation General Assemblies;
  • Meeting with other Boards, Committees, Renewable Resources Councils, NGOs and other organizations etc.