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The life cycle of the salmon is a remarkable event, which enriches the lives of all of the Yukon’s inhabitants, both human and animal. Bear, eagles and many other birds and predators depend on salmon for their survival. For thousands of years, humans have also relied on salmon for food. At present, salmon continue to sustain a myriad of human activities, livelihoods, businesses and ways of life. Salmon fishing is also a popular recreational activity that brings tourists to the territory and enriches Yukoners’ quality of life.

The goal of the Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee is to preserve salmon stocks in the Yukon Territory in order to maintain this vital part of the Yukon ecosystem, economy and lifestyle. The Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee meets throughout the year to study, discuss and make recommendations considering vital salmon stocks in the Yukon.

To ensure the continued well-being of Salmon populations in the Yukon for the use and enjoyment of all Yukoners and future generations while protecting First Nations special interest in fishery.

In order to achieve its mission the Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee will:

  • Keep the Yukon public informed about Salmon issues;
  • Provide means for public discussion on Salmon issues;
  • Create a balance for traditional, local and scientific knowledge in developing decisions on Salmon;
  • Provide public appreciation of the diversity of social valued related to Salmon management;
  • Make recommendations to the Minister on all matters related to Salmon management.

Powers and Authorities

The Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee will work within its mandate towards achieving the objectives of the Umbrella Final Agreement established in Chapter 16 Section7.17. These general objectives related to the management of Salmon in the Yukon provide the broad policy context for the Sub-Committee.

Specifically the Sub-Committee may exercise the following powers and responsibilities assigned to it in the UFA:

  • may recommend to the Minister policies for the management of Salmon and their habitats;
  • may make recommendations to the Minister on the need for, and on the content and timing of Salmon harvesting and management plans in accordance with the terms of Chapter 16;
  • may make recommendations to the Minister on the need for, and on a position on, interjurisdictional agreements affecting the use of Yukon Salmon resources;
  • may seek, from a Council or the public, input on specific aspects of a Salmon management plan;
  • subject to Yukon First Nations Final Agreements, may make recommendations to the Minister on new opportunities and proposed management measures for commercial uses of Salmon;
  • after consultation with affected Yukon First Nations, shall make recommendations to the Minister on allocation, in amount and by area, of Salmon to users, in accordance with the Chapter 16; and
  • may make recommendations on management measures required to best ensure that the basic needs allocation of a Yukon First Nation is met, recognizing that resources available for fisheries management may be limited.